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facility. These supplemental credit facilities are available, subject to the
borrower's ability to obtain additional commitments from lenders. The
amortization of the additional term loans under the supplemental credit
facilities prior to May 2009 is limited to 1% per annum of the aggregate
principal amount of such additional term loans.
     The Fanch credit facilities also contain provisions requiring mandatory
loan prepayments under specific circumstances, including when significant
amounts of assets are sold and the proceeds are not promptly reinvested in
assets useful in the business of CC VI Operating.
     The Fanch credit facilities provide CC VI Operating with the following two
interest rate options, to which a margin is added: a base rate option, generally
the prime rate of interest; and an interest rate option rate based on the
interbank Eurodollar rate. Interest rates for the Fanch credit facilities, as
well as a fee payable on unborrowed amounts available thereunder, depend upon
performance measured by a leverage ratio, which is the ratio of indebtedness to
annualized operating cash flow. This leverage ratio is based on the debt of CC
VI Operating and its subsidiaries. The interest rate margins for the Fanch
credit facilities are as follows:
     - with respect to the revolving loan facility and term loan A, the margin
       ranges from 1.0% to 2.25% for eurodollar loans and from 0.0% to 1.25% for
       base rate loans; and
     - with respect to term loan B, the margin ranges from 2.50% to 3.00% for
       eurodollar loans and from 1.50% to 2.00% for base rate loans.
     The Fanch credit facilities contain representations and warranties,
affirmative and negative covenants, information requirements, events of default
and financial covenants. The events of default for the Fanch credit facilities
include a cross-default provision that is triggered by the failure to make
payment on debt of CC VI Operating, CC VI Holdings and the subsidiaries of CC VI
Operating in a total amount of $25 million, the acceleration of debt of this
amount prior to its maturity or the failure to comply with specified covenants.
The financial covenants, which are generally tested on a quarterly basis,
measure performance against standards set for leverage, debt service coverage,
and operating cash flow coverage of cash interest expense.
     The Fanch credit facilities also contain a change of control provision,
making it an event of default, and permitting acceleration of the debt, in the
event of any of the following:
     - Mr. Allen, including his estate, heirs and other related entities, fails
       to maintain a 25% direct or indirect voting and economic interest in CC
       VI Operating;
     - CC VI Operating is no longer a direct or indirect subsidiary of Charter
       Communications Holding Company; or
     - A change of control occurs under specified indebtedness of CC VI
       Holdings, CC VI Operating or CC VI Operating's subsidiaries.
     Various negative covenants place limitations on the ability of CC VI
Operating and its subsidiaries to, among other things:
     - incur debt;
     - pay dividends or make other distributions;
     - incur liens;
     - make acquisitions;
     - make investments or asset sales; or
     - enter into transactions with affiliates.