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Communications Holding Company at a per membership unit price equal to the net
initial public offering price.
     During the second and third quarters of 1999, one of our subsidiaries sold
shared interests in several airplanes to Mr. Allen for approximately $8 million.
We believe that the purchase price paid by Mr. Allen for these interests was the
fair market price.
     As described under "-- Business Relationships," Mr. Allen and a number of
his affiliates have interests in various entities that provide services or
programming to a number of our subsidiaries. Given the diverse nature of Mr.
Allen's investment activities and interests, and to avoid the possibility of
future disputes as to potential business, Charter Communications Holding Company
and Charter Communications, Inc., under the terms of their respective
organizational documents, may not, and may not allow their subsidiaries to,
engage in any business transaction outside the cable transmission business
except for the joint venture with Broadband Partners and incidental businesses
engaged in as of the closing of the initial public offering of Charter
Communications, Inc. This restriction will remain in effect until all of the
shares of Charter Communications, Inc.'s high-vote Class B common stock have
been converted into shares of Class A common stock due to Mr. Allen's equity
ownership falling below specified threshholds.
     Should Charter Communications, Inc. or Charter Communications Holding
Company wish to pursue, or allow their subsidiaries to pursue, a business
transaction outside of this scope, it must first offer Mr. Allen the opportunity
to pursue the particular business transaction. If he decides not to do so and
consents to Charter Communications, Inc., Charter Communications Holding Company
or any of their subsidiaries engaging in the business transaction, it will be
able to do so. In any such case, the restated certificate of incorporation and
the limited liability company agreement of Charter Communications, Inc. and
Charter Communications Holding Company would be amended accordingly to
appropriately modify the current restrictions on their ability to engage in any
business other than the cable transmission business. The cable transmission
business means the business of transmitting video, audio, including telephony,
and data over cable television systems owned, operated or managed by us from
time to time. The businesses of RCN Corporation, a company in which Mr. Allen
has made a significant investment, are not considered cable transmission
businesses under these provisions. See "-- Business Relationships -- RCN
     Under Delaware corporate law, each director of Charter Communications,
Inc., including Mr. Allen, is generally required to present to Charter
Communications, Inc. any opportunity he or she may have to acquire any cable
transmission business or any company whose principal business is the ownership,
operation or management of cable transmission businesses so that we may
determine whether we wish to pursue such opportunities. However, Mr. Allen and
the other directors generally will not have an obligation to present to Charter
Communications, Inc. other business opportunities and they may exploit such
opportunities for their own account.
     On January 1, 1999, Charter Investment, Inc. entered into a membership
purchase agreement with ACEC Holding Company, LLC for the acquisition of
American Cable. On February 23, 1999, Charter Investment, Inc. assigned its
rights and obligations under this agreement to one of our subsidiaries, Charter
Communications Entertainment II, LLC, effective as of March 8, 1999, or such
earlier date as mutually agreed to by the parties. The acquisition of American
Cable was completed in May 1999.
     On February 17, 1999, Charter Investment, Inc. entered into an asset
purchase agreement with Greater Media, Inc. and Greater Media Cablevision, Inc.
for the acquisition of the Greater Media