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     Our franchises have terms which range from four years to more than 32
years. Prior to the scheduled expiration of most franchises, we initiate renewal
proceedings with the granting authorities. This process usually takes three
years but can take a longer period of time and often involves substantial
expense. The Communications Act provides for an orderly franchise renewal
process in which granting authorities may not unreasonably withhold renewals. If
a renewal is withheld and the granting authority takes over operation of the
affected cable system or awards it to another party, the granting authority must
pay the existing cable operator the "fair market value" of the system. The
Communications Act also established comprehensive renewal procedures requiring
that an incumbent franchisee's renewal application be evaluated on its own merit
and not as part of a comparative process with competing applications. In
connection with the franchise renewal process, many governmental authorities
require the cable operator make certain commitments, such as technological
upgrades to the system, which may require substantial capital expenditures. We
cannot assure you, however, that any particular franchise will be renewed or
that it can be renewed on commercially favorable terms. Our failure to obtain
renewals of our franchises, especially those in major metropolitan areas where
we have the most customers, would have a material adverse effect on our
business, results of operations and financial condition. See "Risk
Factors -- Regulatory and Legislative Matters."
     The following table summarizes our systems' franchises by year of
expiration, and approximate number of basic customers as of September 30, 1999,
without giving effect to acquisitions since that date.

                                                         PERCENTAGE                   PERCENTAGE
                                           NUMBER OF      OF TOTAL     TOTAL BASIC     OF TOTAL
----------------------------               ----------    ----------    -----------    ----------
<S>                                        <C>           <C>           <C>            <C>
Prior to December 31, 1999...............      186           11%          305,100         10%
2000 to 2002.............................      316           18%          699,100         23%
2003 to 2005.............................      360           21%          724,900         19%
2006 or after............................      880           50%        1,696,600         48%
                                             -----          ---         ---------        ---
     Total...............................    1,742          100%        3,425,700        100%

     Under the 1996 Telecom Act, cable operators are not required to obtain
franchises in order to provide telecommunications services, and granting
authorities are prohibited from limiting, restricting or conditioning the
provision of such services. In addition, granting authorities may not require a
cable operator to provide telecommunications services or facilities, other than
institutional networks, as a condition of an initial franchise grant, a
franchise renewal, or a franchise transfer. The 1996 Telecom Act also limits
franchise fees to an operator's cable-related revenues and clarifies that they
do not apply to revenues that a cable operator derives from providing new
telecommunications services.
     We believe our relations with the franchising authorities under which our
systems are operated are generally good. Substantially all of the material
franchises relating to our systems which are eligible for renewal have been
renewed or extended at or prior to their stated expiration dates.
     We face competition in the areas of price, service offerings, and service
reliability. We compete with other providers of television signals and other
sources of home entertainment. In addition, as we expand into additional
services such as Internet access, interactive services and telephony, we will
face competition from other providers of each type of service. See "Risk
Factors -- Our Business --