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     We are the fourth largest operator of cable television systems in the
United States, serving approximately 6.2 million customers, after giving effect
to the Bresnan acquisition and transfer. We currently serve approximately 5.5
million customers.
     We offer a full range of traditional cable television services. Our service
offerings include the following programming packages:
     - basic programming;
     - expanded basic programming;
     - premium service; and
     - pay-per-view television programming.
     As part of our Wired World vision, we are also beginning to offer an array
of new services including:
     - digital television;
     - interactive video programming; and
     - high-speed Internet access.
We are also exploring opportunities in telephony.
     The new products and services described above will take advantage of the
significant bandwidth of our cable systems. We are accelerating the upgrade of
our cable systems to more quickly provide these products and services.
     For the year ended December 31, 1998, pro forma for our merger with Marcus
Holdings, the acquisitions completed during 1998 and 1999, the recent transfer
to Charter Holdings of the Fanch, Falcon and Avalon cable systems and the
Pending Transactions, our revenues would have been approximately $2.7 billion.
For the first nine months of 1999, pro forma for our merger with Marcus
Holdings, acquisitions completed in 1999, the Fanch, Falcon and Avalon transfers
and the Pending Transactions, our revenues would have been $2.2 billion. For the
three months ended September 30, 1999 on the same pro forma basis, our revenues
would have been $0.7 billion.
     Mr. Allen, the principal owner of Charter Communications, Inc. and one of
the computer industry's visionaries, has long believed in a Wired World in which
cable technology will facilitate the convergence of television, computers and
telecommunications. We believe cable's ability to deliver voice, video and data
at high speeds will enable it to serve as the primary platform for the delivery
of new services to the home and workplace.