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                          FALCON COMMUNICATIONS, L.P.
FCSC and/or its controlling persons. The complaint in the Action alleges, among
other things, that defendants breached their fiduciary and contractual duties to
unitholders, and acted negligently, with respect to the purchase from former
unitholders of their interests in FCSC in 1996. A settlement of the action has
been agreed to and will be presented to the court for approval on April 22,
1999. The terms of the settlement, if approved, are not expected to have a
material adverse effect on the financial condition of the Partnership. Net of
insurance proceeds, the settlement's cost to the Partnership would amount to
approximately $2.7 million, all of which had been reserved as of December 31,
1998. The Partnership recognized expenses related to the settlement of $52,000,
$145,000 and $2.5 million in 1996, 1997 and 1998, respectively.
     The subsidiaries of the Partnership have a cash or deferred profit sharing
plan (the "Profit Sharing Plan") covering substantially all of their employees.
FHGLP joined in the adoption of the FHGI cash or deferred profit sharing plan as
of March 31, 1993. The provisions of this plan were amended to be substantially
identical to the provisions of the Profit Sharing Plan.
     The Profit Sharing Plan provides that each participant may elect to make a
contribution in an amount up to 20% of the participant's annual compensation
which otherwise would have been payable to the participant as salary. The
Partnership's contribution to the Profit Sharing Plan, as determined by
management, is discretionary but may not exceed 15% of the annual aggregate
compensation (as defined) paid to all participating employees. There were no
contributions for the Profit Sharing Plan in 1996, 1997 or 1998.
     On September 30 1998, the Partnership assumed the obligations of FHGLP for
its 1993 Incentive Performance Plan (the "Incentive Plan"). The value of the
interests in the Incentive Plan is tied to the equity value of certain
partnership units in FHGLP held by FHGI. In connection with the assumption by
the Partnership, FHGLP agreed to fund any benefits payable under the Incentive
Plan through additional capital contributions to the Partnership, the waiver of
its rights to receive all or part of certain distributions from the Partnership
and/or a contribution of a portion of its partnership units to the Partnership.
The benefits which are payable under the Incentive Plan are equal to the amount
of distributions which FHGI would have otherwise received with respect to
1,932.67 of the units of FHGLP held by FHGI and a portion of FHGI's interest in
certain of the partnerships that are the general partners of the Partnership's
operating subsidiaries. Benefits are payable under the Incentive Plan only when
distributions would otherwise be paid to FHGI with respect to the
above-described units and interests. The Incentive Plan is scheduled to
terminate on January 5, 2003, at which time the Partnership is required to
distribute the units described above to the participants in the Incentive Plan.
At such time, FHGLP is required to cause the units to be contributed to the
Partnership to fund such distributions. The participants in the Incentive Plan
are present and former employees of the Partnership, FHGLP and its operating
affiliates, all of whom are 100% vested. Prior to the closing of the TCI
Transaction, FHGLP amended the Incentive Plan to provide for payments by FHGLP
at the closing of the TCI Transaction to participants in an aggregate amount of
approximately $6.5 million and to reduce by such amount FHGLP's obligations to
make future payments to participants under the Incentive Plan.
     In 1999, the Partnership adopted a Restricted Unit Plan (the "New FCLP
Incentive Plan" or "Plan") for the benefit of certain employees. Grants of
restricted units are provided at the discretion of the Advisory Committee. The
value of the units in the New FCLP Incentive Plan is tied to the equity value of
FCLP above a base equity as determined initially in 1999 by the