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SEC Filings

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sold except as permitted in the following sentence. We agree, on our own behalf
and on behalf of any accounts for which we are acting as hereinafter stated,
that if we should sell the Notes or any interest therein, we will do so only
(A) to the Company or any subsidiary thereof, (B) in accordance with Rule 144A
under the Securities Act to a "qualified institutional buyer" (as defined
therein), (C) to an institutional "accredited investor" (as defined below)
that, prior to such transfer, furnishes (or has furnished on its behalf by a
U.S. broker-dealer) to you and to the Company a signed letter substantially in
the form of this letter and an Opinion of Counsel in form reasonably acceptable
to the Company to the effect that such transfer is in compliance with the
Securities Act, (D) outside the United States in accordance with Rule 904 of
Regulation S under the Securities Act, (E) pursuant to the provisions of Rule
144(k) under the Securities Act or (F) pursuant to an effective registration
statement under the Securities Act, and we further agree to provide to any
person purchasing the Definitive Note or beneficial interest in a Global Note
from us in a transaction meeting the requirements of clauses (A) through (E) of
this paragraph a notice advising such purchaser that resales thereof are
restricted as stated herein.

         3. We understand that, on any proposed resale of the Notes or
beneficial interest therein, we will be required to furnish to you and the
Issuers such certifications, legal opinions and other information as you and
the Issuers may reasonably require to confirm that the proposed sale complies
with the foregoing restrictions. We further understand that the Notes purchased
by us will bear a legend to the foregoing effect.

         4. We are an institutional "accredited investor" (as defined in Rule
501(a)(1), (2), (3) or (7) of Regulation D under the Securities Act) and have
such knowledge and experience in financial and business matters as to be
capable of evaluating the merits and risks of our investment in the Notes, and
we and any accounts for which we are acting are each able to bear the economic
risk of our or its investment.

         5. We are acquiring the Notes or beneficial interest therein purchased
by us for our own account or for one or more accounts (each of which is an
institutional "accredited investor") as to each of which we exercise sole
investment discretion.

         You and the Issuers are entitled to rely upon this letter and are
irrevocably authorized to produce this letter or a copy to any interested party
in any administrative or legal proceedings or official inquiry with respect to
the matters covered hereby.

         [Insert Name of Transferor]