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                 (d) the name and address of the Paying Agent;

                 (e) that Notes called for redemption must be surrendered to
the Paying Agent to collect the redemption price;

                 (f) that, unless the Issuers default in making such redemption
payment, interest on Notes called for redemption ceases to accrue, or the
Accreted Value on the Notes ceases to increase, as the case may be, on and
after the redemption date;

                 (g) the paragraph of the Notes and/or Section of this
Indenture pursuant to which the Notes called for redemption are being redeemed;

                 (h) that no representation is made as to the correctness or
accuracy of the CUSIP number, if any, listed in such notice or printed on the

                 At the Issuers' request, the Trustee shall give the notice of
redemption in the Issuers' name and at their expense; provided, however, that
each of the Issuers shall have delivered to the Trustee, at least 45 days prior
to the redemption date, an Officers' Certificate requesting that the Trustee
give such notice and setting forth the information to be stated in such notice
as provided in the preceding paragraph.

Section 3.04. Effect of Notice of Redemption.

                 Once notice of redemption is mailed in accordance with Section
3.03, Notes called for redemption become irrevocably due and payable on the
redemption date at the redemption price. A notice of redemption may not be

Section 3.05. Deposit of Redemption Price.

                 At or prior to 10:00 a.m., New York City time, on the
redemption date, the Issuers shall deposit with the Trustee or with the Paying
Agent money sufficient to pay the redemption price of and accrued interest on
all Notes to be redeemed on that date. The Trustee or the Paying Agent shall
promptly return to the Issuers any money deposited with the Trustee or the
Paying Agent by the Issuers in excess of the amounts necessary to pay the
redemption price of, and accrued interest on, all Notes to be redeemed.

                 If the Issuers comply with the provisions of the preceding
paragraph, on and after the redemption date, interest shall cease to accrue on
the Notes or the portions of Notes called for redemption. If a Note is redeemed
on or after an interest record date but on or prior to the related interest
payment date, then any accrued and unpaid interest shall be paid to the Person
in whose name such Note was registered at the close of business on such record
date. If any Note called for redemption shall not be so paid upon surrender