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         is not appointed by the Issuers within 120 days after the date of such
notice from the Depositary; or

                          (ii) the Issuers in their sole discretion determine
that the Global Notes (in whole but not in part) should be exchanged for
Definitive Notes and deliver a written notice to such effect to the Trustee; or

                          (iii) there shall have occurred and be continuing a
Default or Event of Default with respect to the Notes.

                 Upon the occurrence of any of the preceding events in (i),
(ii) or (iii) above, Definitive Notes shall be issued in such names as the
Depositary shall instruct the Trustee. Global Notes also may be exchanged or
replaced, in whole or in part, as provided in Sections 2.07 and 2.10. Every
Note authenticated and delivered in exchange for, or in lieu of, a Global Note
or any portion thereof, pursuant to this Section 2.06 or Section 2.07 or 2.10,
shall be authenticated and delivered in the form of, and shall be, a Global
Note. A Global Note may not be exchanged for another Note other than as
provided in this Section 2.06(a); however, beneficial interests in a Global
Note may be transferred and exchanged as provided in Section 2.06(b), (c) or

                 (b) Transfer and Exchange of Beneficial Interests in the
Global Notes. The transfer and exchange of beneficial interests in the Global
Notes shall be effected through the Depositary, in accordance with the
provisions of this Indenture and the Applicable Procedures. Beneficial
interests in the Restricted Global Notes shall be subject to restrictions on
transfer comparable to those set forth herein to the extent required by the
Securities Act. Transfers of beneficial interests in the Global Notes also
shall require compliance with either subparagraph (i) or (ii) below, as
applicable, as well as one or more of the other following subparagraphs, as

                          (i) Transfer of Beneficial Interests in the Same
         Global Note. Beneficial interests in any Restricted Global Note may be
         transferred to Persons who take delivery thereof in the form of a
         beneficial interest in the same Restricted Global Note in accordance
         with the transfer restrictions set forth in the Private Placement
         Legend. Beneficial interests in any Unrestricted Global Note may be
         transferred to Persons who take delivery thereof in the form of a
         beneficial interest in an Unrestricted Global Note. No written orders
         or instructions shall be required to be delivered to the Registrar to
         effect the transfers described in this Section 2.06(b)(i).

                          (ii) All Other Transfers and Exchanges of Beneficial
         Interests in Global Notes. In connection with all transfers and
         exchanges of beneficial interests that are not subject to Section
         2.06(b)(i) above, the transferor of such beneficial interest must