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               Notwithstanding Section 9.02 of this Indenture, the Issuers and
the Trustee may amend or supplement this Indenture or the Notes without the
consent of any Holder of a Note:

               (a) to cure any ambiguity, defect or inconsistency;

               (b) to provide for uncertificated Notes in addition to or in
place of certificated Notes;

               (c) to provide for or confirm the issuance of Additional Notes;

               (d) to provide for the assumption of either Issuer's obligations
to Holders of Notes in the case of a merger or consolidation or sale of all or
substantially all of the assets of such Issuer pursuant to Article 5;

               (e) to make any change that would provide any additional rights
or benefits to the Holders of Notes or that does not adversely affect the legal
rights under this Indenture of any such Holder; or

               (f) to comply with requirements of the SEC in order to effect or
maintain the qualification of this Indenture under the TIA or otherwise as
necessary to comply with applicable law.

               Upon the request of the Issuers accompanied by a resolution of
their respective Boards of Directors authorizing the execution of any such
amended or supplemental Indenture, and upon receipt by the Trustee of the
documents described in Section 7.02, the Trustee shall join with the Issuers in
the execution of any amended or supplemental Indenture authorized or permitted
by the terms of this Indenture and to make any further appropriate agreements
and stipulations that may be therein contained, but the Trustee shall not be
obligated to enter into such amended or supplemental Indenture that affects its
own rights, duties or immunities under this Indenture or otherwise.

Section 9.02. With Consent of Holders of Notes.

               Except as provided below in this Section 9.02, this Indenture
(including Sections 4.11 and 4.16) or the Notes may be amended or supplemented
with the consent of the Holders of at least a majority in aggregate principal
amount of the Notes then outstanding (including, without limitation, consents
obtained in connection with a purchase of, or a tender offer or exchange offer
for, Notes) and, subject to Sections 6.04 and 6.07, any existing Default or
compliance with any provision of this Indenture or the Notes may be waived with
the consent of the Holders of a majority in aggregate principal amount of the