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interest on the Notes, and shall notify the Trustee of any default by the
Issuers in making any such payment. While any such default continues, the
Trustee may require a Paying Agent to pay all money held by it to the Trustee.
The Issuers at any time may require a Paying Agent to pay all money held by it
to the Trustee. Upon payment over to the Trustee, the Paying Agent (if other
than the Issuers or a Subsidiary) shall have no further liability for the money.
If the Issuers or a Subsidiary acts as Paying Agent, it shall segregate and hold
in a separate trust fund for the benefit of the Holders all money held by it as
Paying Agent. Upon any bankruptcy or reorganization proceedings relating to the
Issuers, the Trustee shall serve as Paying Agent for the Notes.

Section 2.05. Holder Lists.

               The Trustee shall preserve in as current a form as is reasonably
practicable the most recent list available to it of the names and addresses of
all Holders and shall otherwise comply with TIA ss. 312(a). If the Trustee is
not the Registrar, the Issuers shall furnish to the Trustee at least seven
Business Days before each interest payment date and at such other times as the
Trustee may request in writing, a list in such form and as of such date as the
Trustee may reasonably require of the names and addresses of the Holders of
Notes and the Issuers shall otherwise comply with TIA ss. 312(a).

Section 2.06. Transfer and Exchange.

               (a) Transfer and Exchange of Global Notes. A Global Note may not
be transferred as a whole except by the Depositary to a nominee of the
Depositary, by a nominee of the Depositary to the Depositary or to another
nominee of the Depositary, or by the Depositary or any such nominee to a
successor Depositary or a nominee of such successor Depositary. All Global Notes
shall be exchanged by the Company for Definitive Notes if:

                      (i) the Issuers deliver to the Trustee notice from the
        Depositary that it is unwilling or unable to continue to act as
        Depositary or that it is no longer a clearing agency registered under
        the Exchange Act and, in either case, a successor Depositary is not
        appointed by the Issuers within 120 days after the date of such notice
        from the Depositary; or

                      (ii) the Issuers in their sole discretion determine that
        the Global Notes (in whole but not in part) should be exchanged for
        Definitive Notes and deliver a written notice to such effect to the
        Trustee; or

                      (iii) there shall have occurred and be continuing a
        Default or Event of Default with respect to the Notes.