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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 8-K on 05/29/2015
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(c) by Purchaser, if a breach of any representation or warranty or failure to perform any covenant or agreement on the part of the Company or New Charter set forth in this Agreement shall have occurred and is not capable of being cured that would cause any of the conditions to Closing set forth in Article VI not to be satisfied (or not to be capable of being satisfied) at the Closing;

(d) By any of Purchaser, New Charter or the Company if there shall be in effect a final non appealable order of a Governmental Entity of competent jurisdiction restraining, enjoining or otherwise prohibiting the consummation of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement; or

(e) upon the termination of the Mergers Agreement in accordance with its terms.

Section 7.2 Effect of Termination. In the event of termination of this Agreement as provided in Section 7.1, written notice thereof shall be given to the other party, then each of the parties shall be relieved of their duties and obligations arising under this Agreement after the date of such termination and such termination shall be without Liability to Purchaser, New Charter or the Company; provided, however, that nothing in this Section 7.2 shall relieve Purchaser, New Charter or the Company of any Liability for a breach of this Agreement.



Section 8.1 Registration Rights. The parties hereto agree that in connection with the Closing, they will negotiate in good faith to execute a customary registration rights agreement (the “Registration Rights Agreement”). Such agreement will contain the following material terms:

(a) Demand Registration. The Registration Rights Agreement will provide that, any time following the Closing, Purchaser shall be entitled to request that New Charter use reasonable best efforts to register under the Securities Act the secondary offer and sale of its Common Stock (with New Charter’s full management cooperation available for two (2) road shows per twelve (12) month period (provided that the second road show shall be in connection with an offering of at least $500 million), to the extent advised by the underwriters, if applicable, and at New Charter’s expense, other than underwriters’ discounts) to the extent requested by Purchaser. These demand registration rights include the right to register shares underlying exchangeable notes or debentures issued in accordance with the Stockholders Agreement. New Charter shall not be required to effect more than two (2) demand registrations for Purchaser in any twelve (12) month period, and all registrations shall be subject to blackout and delay periods for so long as the Board of Directors (excluding any directors nominated by Purchaser) determines in good faith that registration could require the disclosure of something detrimental to New Charter or to a pending negotiation or transaction. The aggregate fair market value of any offering required to be registered would be not less than $500 million.

(b) Piggyback Registration. If New Charter proposes to register any offer and sale of Common Stock other than on a Form S-8 or Form S-4, Purchaser will have the right to request