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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 8-K on 05/29/2015
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Class A Common Stock represented (either in person or by proxy) to constitute a quorum necessary to conduct the business of the Parent Stockholder Meeting, (B) after consultation with the Company, if the failure to adjourn or postpone the Parent Stockholder Meeting would reasonably be expected to be a violation of Applicable Law for the distribution of any required supplement or amendment to the Joint Proxy Statement/Prospectus, (C) after consultation with the Company, for a single period not to exceed ten (10) Business Days, to solicit additional proxies if necessary to obtain the Parent Stockholder Approval or the Cheetah Stockholder Approval (as defined in the Amended Contribution Agreement), or (D) if Parent has delivered to the Company a bona fide notice contemplated by Section 7.04(b), for a maximum of ten Business Days. The Company may require Parent to adjourn, delay or postpone the Parent Stockholder Meeting once for a period not to exceed 30 calendar days (but prior to the date that is two Business Days prior to the End Date) to solicit additional proxies necessary to obtain the Parent Stockholder Approval. Once Parent has established a record date for the Company Stockholder Meeting, Parent shall not change such record date or establish a different record date for the Parent Stockholder Meeting without the prior written consent of the Company (not to be unreasonably withheld, delayed or conditioned), unless required to do so by Applicable Law or Parent’s organizational documents.

Section 7.04 No Solicitation; Other Offers.

(a) General Prohibitions. Neither Parent nor any of its Subsidiaries shall, nor shall Parent or any of its Subsidiaries authorize or permit any of its or their Representatives to, directly or indirectly, (i) solicit, initiate or take any action to knowingly facilitate or encourage the submission of any Parent Acquisition Proposal, (ii) enter into or participate in any discussions (other than to state that Parent is not permitted to have discussions) or negotiations with any Third Party that is seeking to make, or has made, a Parent Acquisition Proposal, (iii) furnish any non-public information relating to the Parent or any of its Subsidiaries or afford access to the business, properties, assets, books or records of Parent or any of its Subsidiaries to, otherwise knowingly cooperate in any way with, or knowingly assist, participate in, facilitate or encourage any effort by any Third Party that is seeking to make, or has made, a Parent Acquisition Proposal, (iv) make a Parent Adverse Recommendation Change, (v) fail to enforce or grant any waiver or release under any standstill or similar agreement with respect to any class of equity securities of Parent or any of its Subsidiaries unless the Board of Directors of Parent determines after consulting with its outside legal counsel that the failure to waive such provision would be inconsistent with its fiduciary duties under Applicable Law; provided that Parent shall not enforce and hereby waives any provision of any such agreement that would prohibit a Third Party from communicating confidentially a Parent Acquisition Proposal to the Parent’s Board of Directors, (vi) approve any transaction under, or any Person becoming an “interested stockholder” under, Section 203 of Delaware Law or (vii) enter into any agreement in principle, letter of intent, term sheet, merger agreement, acquisition agreement, option agreement or other similar instrument relating to a Parent Acquisition Proposal (other than a confidentiality agreement to the extent contemplated by Section 7.04(b)); provided that (so long as Parent and its Representatives have otherwise complied in all material respects with this Section 7.04) none of the foregoing shall prohibit Parent and its Representatives from, at any time prior to the Parent Stockholder Approval, participating in discussions with any Persons or group of Persons who has made a Parent Acquisition Proposal after the date of this Agreement solely to request the clarification of the terms and conditions thereof so as to determine whether the Parent Acquisition