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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 8-K on 05/29/2015
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Section 8.11 Intended Tax Treatment of the Redemption. Subject to any restructuring of the transactions contemplated herein pursuant to Section 2.11, Parent and the Company will cooperate and use their reasonable best efforts to develop procedures (including certification procedures and indemnification of the Exchange Agent) which would allow the Exchange Agent, the Company, the Parent Surviving Entity, the Company Surviving Corporation, Merger Subsidiary One, Merger Subsidiary Two, Merger Subsidiary Three, New Charter and/or Parent, as applicable, to report the Redemption as a distribution in part or full payment in exchange for Company Stock and to pay the Company Cash Consideration without deduction or withholding, in each case with respect to a holder of Company Stock who or that establishes that he, she or it satisfies one of the tests set forth in Section 302(b) of the Code.

Section 8.12 Financing.

(a) Parent shall not agree to or permit any amendment, supplement or other modification to be made to, or any waiver of any provision or remedy under, the Debt Commitment Letter or the definitive agreements relating to the Debt Financing that (i) reduces the aggregate amount of the Debt Financing below an amount, together with the amount of any equity financing (including pursuant to the Equity Purchase), required to pay the Required Payment Amount or (ii) (A) imposes new or additional conditions precedent or other terms to the Debt Financing or (B) otherwise adversely expands, amends or modifies any of the conditions precedent to the Debt Financing, or otherwise expand, amends or modifies any other provision of the Debt Commitment Letter, in the case of clauses (A) and (B), in a manner that would reasonably be expected to (x) prevent, impede or materially delay, the ability of Parent to consummate the Closing, (y) make the timely funding of the Debt Financing (or the satisfaction of the conditions to obtaining the Debt Financing) materially less likely to occur in any respect or (z) adversely impact the ability of Parent to enforce its rights against the other parties to the Debt Commitment Letter or the definitive agreements with respect thereto.

(b) Prior to the Effective Time, the Company shall, and shall cause its Subsidiaries to, use commercially reasonable efforts to, at Parent’s sole cost and expense, provide to Parent such cooperation in connection with the Debt Financing (which, for purposes of this Section 8.11(b), shall also include any other financing efforts of Parent), as may be reasonably requested by Parent or its Representatives (unless such cooperation unreasonably interferes with the business operations of the Company and its Subsidiaries), including:

(i) furnishing such financial statements and other financial data and other information relating to the Company and its Subsidiaries and requested by Parent or its Representatives as may be reasonably necessary or advisable to consummate the Debt Financing, including financial statements, financial data, projections, audit reports and other information (x) of the type and form required by Regulation S-X and Regulation S-K promulgated under the 1933 Act for a registered public offering of debt securities on Form S-1, (y) of the type and form customarily included in private placements of debt securities under Rule 144A of the 1933 Act, or (z) as otherwise reasonably required in connection with the Debt Financing or as otherwise necessary in order to assist in receiving