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CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 425 on 05/29/2015
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such courts (and, in the case of appeals, appropriate appellate courts there from) in any such action or proceeding and irrevocably waive the defense of an inconvenient forum to the maintenance of any such action or proceeding. The consents to jurisdiction set forth in this paragraph shall not constitute general consents to service of process in the State of Delaware and shall have no effect for any purpose except as provided in this paragraph and shall not be deemed to confer rights on any Person other than the parties hereto. The parties hereto agree that a final judgment in any such action or proceeding shall be conclusive and may be enforced in other jurisdictions by suit on the judgment or in any other manner provided by applicable Law. EACH OF THE PARTIES HERETO HEREBY IRREVOCABLY WAIVES ANY AND ALL RIGHTS TO TRIAL BY JURY IN ANY LEGAL PROCEEDING ARISING OUT OF OR RELATED TO THIS AGREEMENT.

(f) Assignment; Successors. Neither this Agreement nor any of the rights, interests or obligations hereunder shall be assigned or delegated in whole or in part, by operation of Law, or otherwise, by any of the parties without the prior written consent of the other parties. Subject to the preceding sentence, this Agreement shall be binding upon, inure to the benefit of, and be enforceable by, the parties hereto and their respective successors and permitted assigns. Any purported assignment or delegation not permitted under this Section 8(f) shall be null and void and shall not relieve the assigning or delegating party of any obligation hereunder. Notwithstanding the foregoing, each of Liberty Broadband and Liberty Interactive shall be entitled to assign this Agreement and any of its rights and obligations hereunder to any of its subsidiaries, provided, that the applicable assignor shall nevertheless remain liable for its obligations under this Agreement notwithstanding any such transfer or assignment.

(g) Descriptive Headings. Headings of Sections and subsections of this Agreement are for convenience of the parties only, and shall be given no substantive or interpretive effect whatsoever.

(h) Entire Agreement; No Third-Party Beneficiaries. This Agreement and the Mergers Agreement constitute the entire agreement, and supersede all other prior agreements and understandings, both written and oral, among the parties, or any of them, with respect to the subject matter hereof and thereof. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as giving any person, other than the parties hereto and their respective heirs, successors, legal representatives and permitted assigns, any right, remedy or claim under or in respect of this Agreement or any provision hereof.

(i) Notices. All notices, requests and other communications to any party hereunder shall be in writing and shall be deemed given if delivered personally, facsimiled (which is confirmed), sent by overnight courier (providing proof of delivery) or by electronic mail (but only if followed by transmittal of a copy thereof by (x) national overnight courier or (y) hand