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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 8-K on 05/26/2015
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Structure and Pro Forma Ownership1)
Structure TWC Shareholders Ex-Liberty Charter Shareholders Ex-Liberty Liberty Advance/ Newhouse PF 44% 24% 19%2) 13% Ownership1) New Charter Charter 87% 13% Advance/Charter Newhouse Partnership TWC Charter Bright House 11.0M Video 4.3M Video 2.0M Video Customers Customers Customers
Combination of Charter, TWC and BHN achieves operating, financing, tax, synergy and governance objectives
Pro Forma Economic Ownership % $100 Cash $115 Cash TWC Public Shareholders 44% 40% Charter Public Shareholders (Ex-Liberty) 24% 26% Liberty2) 19% 20% Advance/Newhouse 13% 14% Total 100% 100%
Pro Forma Shares Millions $100 Cash $115 Cash Charter Public Shareholders 83.2 83.2 Existing Liberty 28.8 28.8 Current Charter Common Shares 112.0 112.0 TWC Public Shareholders (Ex-Liberty) 152.5 128.6 A/N Common 34.3 34.3 A/N Preferred (as if Converted) 10.3 10.3 Issuance to Liberty (Rolled TWC Stake)2) 8.5 8.5 Liberty New Equity ($4.3B at equivalent of $176.95) 24.3 24.3 Liberty New Equity ($0.7B at equivalent of $173.00) 4.0 4.0 Pro Forma Common Shares 346.0 322.1 1) Ownership figures are pro forma for Time Warner Cable and Bright House transactions and assume conversion of Bright House partnership units into New Charter stock. Assumes that Time Warner Cable shares outstanding, excluding shares held by Liberty and LIC are exchanged for $100 in cash and 0.5409 equivalent Charter shares. 2) Liberty and LIC have agreed to only receive stock in New Charter in exchange for their shares in TWC.
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